MaxBlogPress Plugins Registration: Demystified

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The purpose of this post is to clarify, in simple words, some misconceptions that people have about the registration process of our plug-ins.

Fact 1: You need to register only once.

I was surprised to see that some people think that they have to register every time they activate a new plug-in from us.

That’s not true!

In fact:

If you register for any ONE plug-in, you can use ALL the other plug-ins without going through the registration process again.

It means:

Once your username and email address is stored in our database, you don’t need to re-register.

Doesn’t that make things so easy.  Register only once, use all. That’s our principle.

Let me further clarify my point by showing you an example.

Let’s say you’re a new user. Here is what you did:

  1. You downloaded, installed, and registered the ping optimizer plug-in.
  2. You sat back, relaxed, and watched the ping optimizer plug-in at work.
  3. You wanted some more plug-ins from MaxBlogPress.
  4. You downloaded the Favicon plug-in.
  5. You followed the installation instructions and  reached the point where you click on the “option” tab and click on the “Favicons”  tab there.


6. You fill in the name and email that you had used during the first time you registered. You hit the “register” button and this is the page you see next.


Were there any confirmation emails to check?


Were there any further links to click?


You get to use the favicon plug-in right away.

So let’s add a few more steps to our list and see what happens next.

  1. You complete the favicon plugin installation.
  2. You sit back and smile at the beauty of it.
  3. You love the plug-ins so much that you want to download ALL the MBP plug-ins at once.
  4. You start installing them one by one.

Any confirmation emails to check? No.

Any links to click on? No.


You need to register only once, to use any or all plug-ins.

Fact 2: You don’t have to register again to upgrade the plug-ins

It’s the same thing with upgrades for existing plug-ins. You don’t even have to see the registration page to upgrade our plug-ins. The plug-ins works right away after it is updated.

A note for those of you who are VERY early users of our plug-ins . By early I mean, at the time when we didn’t have a registration box inside our plug-ins and you had to register in another way. The method was not very user friendly. If you are such an early user and haven’t gone through the new registration process then you’ll see the registration form JUST ONCE only. After that you won’t see any registration form whenever you update any plugin.

Fact 3: If you have multiple blogs, you don’t need to register separately for each of them.

If you have  2 or more than 2 blogs, you can use the same email address for all of them. There is no need to go through the registration process for each of them separately.  Just type the email address you used while registering your first blog and all other blogs will be automatically registered.

Fact 4: If you unsubscribe from the MaxBlogPress newsletter, your existing plug-ins will still work.

Although the registration process is directly tied with the MaxBlogPress newsletter subscription, you don't have to stay subscribed to it to make your plug-in work. After registration, if you don't like the content of the MaxBlogPress newsletter, then you are free to unsubscribe anytime you wish by following the link at the bottom of your email.

The MaxBlogPress plug-ins you were using will still work fine without any problem.

However, if you unsubscribe from the MaxBlogPress newsletter, here is what you will miss:

  • Announcements of new plugins we develop.
  • Announcements of updates on existing plug-ins.
  • Tips for helping you attract more traffic and more income for your blog.
  • Recommendations on blog related software and e-books that help you attract more traffic and more income for your blog. Rest assured that we only recommend quality products which actually help you.

Fact 5: If you unsubscribe from the MaxBlogPress newsletter AND want to install further plug-ins, you need to go through the email registration procedure again.

If you unsubscribe from the MaxBlogPress newsletter, then your existing plug-ins will work without any problem.

But you need to register again if you want to install any new plug-in we develop.

The reason is that once you unsubscribe from our newsletter, your name and email address will be deleted from our database. So if you want to install more of our plug-ins you will have to register again.


9 Responses to “MaxBlogPress Plugins Registration: Demystified”

  1. Gobala Krishnan 18. Apr, 2008 at 5:46 am #

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking for the user to register. They don’t complain when they register to download iTunes or any other trial software out there, don’t they?

  2. Charles Kirkland 18. Apr, 2008 at 6:14 am #

    I’m featuring a number of plugins from MaxBlogPress in a new video project that I’m about to launch.

    I make it a point to stress that theses plugins are FREE and all they ask for in return is that you take 3 mins and register them just one time. You have some of the best plugins around.

    Charles Kirkland

  3. Douglas Titchmarsh 18. Apr, 2008 at 7:06 am #

    I must admit at first I thought I had to register each time I installed a plug in on another blog, or a new one on an existing blog. Then I realised that as you say I did not receive confirmations from the signup process and realised that I had registered only once and yet got all the good stuff from your plugins.
    They are some very useful plugins too, favicons is great to use and simplifies the whole favicon process. It also makes it easier for me to recognise which one of my blogs I am working on by glancing at the favicon displayed in the tab on my browser.
    Thanks for those plugins, and keep em coming.

    Douglas Titchmarsh

  4. Douglas Goodey 18. Apr, 2008 at 7:17 am #

    For the time it takes to complete this onerous task I cannot, for the life of me, see what the problem is. I wish everything was as easy and cost the same as this.

  5. shy guy 18. Apr, 2008 at 8:45 am #

    I think most of blogger don’t like registered to download..
    But for me if to registered once for life it is okay,…

  6. Dennis Edell 20. Apr, 2008 at 4:44 pm #

    The confusion stems from the fact that the registration ox is on all the pages. Perhaps if you put a line in under them stating there is no need to re-register if they’ve ever registered before.

  7. KokPang Yeo 24. Apr, 2008 at 4:31 am #

    There’s probably a need to distinguish between registration and login to an existing account.

    Because the phrase:

    “Fill the form below to register the plugin”

    is used for both new and existing users, it had given me the impression that I need to re-register every time. But I do realize there is no double confirmation needed and so on.


  8. Gilberto Cintron 30. Apr, 2008 at 7:30 pm #

    This plugins make my life so much easier, thank you for such great tools. The first time I downloaded them I thought I had to register for each plugin on each blog I have. It wasnt until I tried using the same email I used to register the plugins that I realized I did not have to. But you know what, I did not mind registering more than once because of the value of these plugins to my blog. AND to make it sweeter, if you join the affiliate program you cam be paid for promoting them as well.

    What’s to beef about? NOTHING. Some people will beef (that means whine, or complain) even if you give out One Hundred Dollar Bills (that’s $100.00) lol

    Thank you Pawan.

    You fan,

    Gilberto Cintron

  9. Gilberto Cintron 30. Apr, 2008 at 7:31 pm #

    Oops, pardon the misspelled words.

    Gilberto Cintron

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