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How Social Media Catapulted My Blogging Career To The Next Level

“Don’t you want to think twice about this?”

That was the question people threw at me when I handed in my resignation letter 6 months ago. Meet the small-town girl with big dreams – Wong Ching Ya, a social media enthusiast and freelancer of logo/header designs.

My experience in blogging isn’t too long but I have a major thrill utilizing social media as my networking and publicity tool. Now I am happily engaged in some writing offers and landed a couple of interviews as well. Let’s see how it all started:

1. Forum Participation – Quality Outbeats Quantity

I started blogging since August, 2008 owning 2 sites, both for entertainment purposes. I was active in joining forums that I had more than 10 memberships at one time. Later I noticed it’s best to focus and really participate in those I find helpful in my blogging career. No doubt, forum is a great place to build trust and friendship. BloggerTalk founder, Rose DesRochers was kind enough to promote me as the moderator due to my contribution in her forum. I met some nice people there and had fun helping out as much as I could. Authority Blogger Forum owned by Chris Garrett was the one that helped to initiate the idea in transforming my personal site into a niche one. After deliberate consideration for long term goals, I started fresh with a new blog name in February, 2009 – Social @ Blogging Tracker.

2. Start New Niche Post with A Bang!

I need a fresh new start! Something to capture people’s attention and to prove that I’m up for the challenge. It’s not easy to be unique so I tried to come up with a different way to present my post. I spent a lot of time adjusting the chart when finally it was ready to be published: Killer Twitter Apps to Expand Your Twitter Network.

Twitter was a hit topic then so with an immediate effect, this click-able chart received a lot of feedback, especially from my blogger friends. They are generous enough to share this post around and I was deeply encouraged by the results.

3. New Strategy – Authority Blogging with Quality Content

From that point on, I decided to go for quality posting instead of quantity. I keep a minimum posting of 1-2 times weekly, concentrating more on research and discovering ideas to solve social networking problems. At the same time, I was hoping to encourage comments from readers so I can either have a sequel or new ideas for coming posts. Here’s an example of how I responded to a reader’s request by 13 Facebook Applications to Promote Your Blog, which was surprisingly well received on Blogengage, Stumbleupon and Twitter.

4. Guest Posting on Popular Sites to Reach Wider Audiences

I must admit it was a little intimidating to think about guest posting at first. However, I knew I needed to overcome this barrier in order to move towards authority blogging. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to reach out to Mintblogger and Dailyblogtips, both are prestigious sites that are within the same niche as mine. Great experiences and I must say, to be able to post on the sites you respected is simply wonderful! It was the same period of time when I started to gain new readers and subscribers.

5. New Ventures via Quality Comments & Blog Visits

I take commenting very seriously. Visiting to 3-5 new blogs daily earned me a connection with founder of Rotorblog, Maris. He was kind enough to offer me an opportunity to guest post on his informative site and I was more than happy to do it. Later I decided to be a regular poster for him that my second post had a massive support from his readers, especially on Twitter. All these wouldn’t happen if I didn’t comment on his site in the first place.

6. Transforming Your Passion Into Career

Apart from writing, I’m a huge graphic fanatic! I had my first job of logo/header design in August for Miscbytes. The client is kind enough to share it with others in her post and social network, which caused me to think about making this passion of mine a career as well. Recently I offered a header tweaking to a friend that eventually he bought me coffee for it! It feels fantastic when I can earn by doing what I love. For the same passionate reason, I customized 90% of the graphics used on my posts. Some said I’m crazy for spending hours on them! I have to admit I am – it’s my way to personalize my posts while evoke creativity at the same time.

7. To Receive and Give Back on Social Media Sites

I owed what I have today to social media sites. Now I reward my readers with acknowledgements to their sites in my Facebook Fan Page. Twitter and StumbleUpon are my most favorite sharing tools as I had fantastic traffic influx experience from them. To give back doesn’t make you any smaller but in fact, generate good network with your readers. They worth my appreciation for their constant support and I seriously believe generosity is here to stay for all bloggers.

There you have it…

Currently I’m on the process of writing 4 more guest posts, 2 awaiting interviews and a request from a company to review their current social media strategy. I blog and living the proof on how social media catapulted my blogging career to the next level. The power it possesses is way beyond imaginable. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be heading next.

Otherwise, how do you think I made it to Maxblogpress in the first place?


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