Find duplicate posts fast and easy

If you use WordPress as a CMS and publish content like jokes, poems, text messages, lyrics, then you might have this question all the time while creating a new post.

” Did I already posted this joke/poem/etc. in my blog previously? “

This is a very common problem with such content : You usually forget what you have posted in the past. But there is a solution to this that doesn’t involve you gulping down a whole bottle of memory pills. You can use the “Duplicate Post Checker” plugin brought to you by MaxBlogPress to check if other similar posts already exist or not.

This is how the plugin page looks like. In this page you can copy and paste the content to see if its already there or not in your blog.

This plugin also makes things even more simpler for you by adding the plugin icon right below your “Write a new post” page. All you have to do is click on that icon and the plugin will take care of finding out how many similar posts you have.

Here are some more ways in which this plugin can benefit you.

Find out similar post to which you can link to

If you are writing a brand new post then you can provide more value to users by linking to other similar posts you have. You can’t always remember similar posts you have written in the past at the right time. You can then use this plugin to find out the post which is similar to what you have written and then provide links on your blog post to those similar posts.

Avoid writing about similar or duplicate post

You are going to write about a post but you are in doubt about whether you have already created a similar post. If you write a new post which is very much similar to the post you have written previously then this will certainly annoy your blog readers.

What you can do is you can use this plugin to check other similar posts you have already written to make sure that you can write entirely original content on the same topic without making it look like a duplicate of another post already published.

Create a summary of all the common blog posts

Sometimes you are tired of writing new posts. In such cases you can create a summary blog post for all the common blog posts by using this plugin. You can simply go to the first blog post on that topic and check for similar blog post. From there you’ll get all the common blog post. You can even increase your summary collection by going through all the similar blog post list and then check for related posts again and again in the other similar posts.

So Duplicate Post Checker does make life simpler for people who have to manage large blogs that contain numerous blog posts. If you can’t remember whether you already posted that joke, poem, story, or article, then this plugin is definitely a must for you. So go ahead and download the plugin right now before your readers start posting comments like “This is really a stale joke/poem/article” on your blog.

Download it by clicking on the “Download Now” button below.

Note Before Downloading:

This plugin is released as Reviewware. That means you can download and use it for free and if you find it useful then we'll appreciate a review post for this plugin in your blog. This will help lots of other people know about the plugin and get benefited by it.

By the way, if for any reason you don't want to write a review post then it's ok as well. You can download the plugin and use it as a gift from us. No obligation. We will be much happy if you find out some other ways to spread the word for this plugin.

(This plugin requires one time free registration)

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