How to show different number of posts in home, category, or archive page

While using wordpress, a major question that pops into your mind might be -“How can I set different number of posts in category and home page?”

Stop straining your nerves, because unfortunately with wordpress, you CANNOT set different number of posts for home page, category page or archive page.

All you can do is set a default value for every page in wordpress:


Isn’t it frustrating not to have TOTAL CONTROL over the number of posts you want to show?

It’s high time you realize that you’ve been limiting yourself to the default setting of number of posts in wordpress. You surely need a curtain raiser to the world of “Different Posts per Page” plugin.

Now, you can have total control over the number of posts you want to show in home, category, archive or any specific pages of wordpress. Get the freedom using “Different Posts per Page” plugin!!

See for yourself how you can have TOTAL control:

Current post options

You can choose to go Category-WISE!

Haven’t you always longed to venture beyond the normal editing of number of posts in order to have control over CATEGORIES as well? Why not go Category-WISE!

Okay, let’s say you have a blog called “How to speak fluent English?” You even have three categories in it namely-
1) English learning tips, 2) English learning resources and 3) Fluent English in 15 days.

For categories like “English learning tips” and “English learning resources”, there’s no problem as such because you update them regularly. But for the last category “Fluent English in 15 days”, you would surely want it to sound like an English learning course of 15 days, wouldn’t you?

So, you want to have those 15 posts shown under the third category as a 15 days’ course of action.
Moreover, let’s assume you want only 10 posts for the first and second categories.

How will you do it with WordPress?
It’s quite self- evident that you cannot freely set number of posts and categorizing them would be a headache.

You’re definitely in need of “Different Posts per Page” plugin to make sure that you have maximum control over number of posts and specific categories too.

By using “Different Posts per Page”, you can now have a blog that has its own categories-Not to forget the control to set number of posts under specific category will be in your hands.


Be smart, Download this plugin NOW!

Note Before Downloading:

This plugin is released as Reviewware. That means you can download and use it for free and if you find it useful then we'll appreciate a review post for this plugin in your blog. This will help lots of other people know about the plugin and get benefited by it.

By the way, if for any reason you don't want to write a review post then it's ok as well. You can download the plugin and use it as a gift from us. No obligation. We will be much happy if you find out some other ways to spread the word for this plugin.

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