Let your blog stand out amongst thousands of others!

When you browse the Internet looking for a list of blogs, you might have noticed you are often drawn to a particular site because they stand out from the rest. Often webmasters and blog owners pay a lot of money to have their listing appear more obvious so that they attract a higher click through rate.

Look at this listing here:

The blog “2012movies.net” paid $10 for making their listing standout from the rest of others:



Imagine, how much you would have to pay if you want to have your blog listing standout like that in hundreds of other websites?

But before you wonder whether you’ll need to do the same, we have a solution for you.

It is called favicons!

Favicons are an excellent free branding tool for webmasters and blog owners. They help you create brand awareness by displaying a little favourite icon (favicon) in the title of our blog next to the URL.


Further to this, favicons also attract more traffic to your blog by standing out against others who don’t sport a favicon themselves. Because of the increased visibility you now have the opportunity to get a lot more repeat readers.

Normally adding a favicon to you blog will require you to pay a designer to create a matching icon for your blog and then having to edit some files in WordPress. For non technical bloggers this is hard and will only serve to confuse them.

With the MaxBlogPress Favicon WordPress Plugin there is help at hand so nobody has to ever touch any code anymore to display a catchy favicon on their blog.

You can have your very own favicon in less than 10 minutes by using the MaxBlogPress Favicon WordPress Plugin!

Step 1: Install the plugin and go to: Options >> MBP Favicon


Step 2: Click on the icon which you want to use as favicon:


Step 3: Click on save

Step 4: There’s no Step 4. That’s all you have to do. Your blog is now already equipped with the small but powerful tool called favicon. It will help you get more traffic as well as get your blog recognized among others.

How come your visitors don’t see your favicon even if you boast you have one?

You have a favicon in your blog but still your visitors don’t see it. Although your browser shows your favicon, your RSS readers become unable to see it. Isn’t that straining your nerves? Okay, say you are lucky to have a good theme designer who can put the favicon in the theme by default. But hey, you CANNOT be sure enough that all the other visitors and browsers did find your favicon too.

The reason being that, different softwares have different ways of fetching favicons which can include fetching from root folder or from header or from RSS itself to brand the feed listing. So you can never be sure whether a visitor or a browser has found your favicon or not.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a favicon in your blog. You’ve gotta get this plugin to make sure that your favicon is seen in every place a software or website looks for. You don’t want to be missed out, do you?

Get noticed! Get MaxBlogPress Favicon to ensure that your favicon is in the SPOTLIGHT!!

Now you don’t need to worry that your favicon has been ignored by the websites or browsers. MaxBlogPress Favicon will ensure that your favicon is noticed by every websites or softwares out there and your favicon remains in the visitors’ spotlight. All you’ve gotta do is – get MaxBlogPress Favicon plugin and you can be ascertained that your favicon is placed in all the places where any websites or softwares would look for.

After installing MaxBlogpPress Favicon:

  1. Your favicon will appear in the head section of your blog
  2. It will even get in the root folder of your blog (e.g. yourblog.com/favicon.ico)
  3. And of course in the RSS feed itself!

Don’t you like to get favicons for your wordpress admin interface too?

Let’s face it- There’s no way you can add favicon in your wordpress admin interface. Even if you have the privilege of editing the theme, you CAN’T add favicon directly from there. It’s next to IMPOSSIBLE.

With MaxBlogPress Favicon, IMPOSSIBILTY is a BLUNDER because you CAN have favicon in your admin interface as well. Yes, you heard it well, you CAN!

Matching favicons for your blog! News flashed- you DON’T have to pay for the design!

MaxBlogPress favicon comes with 100 pre-selected FREE favicons which you can use for your blog. No matter what your blog topic is, you name it and you’ll get it. You’ll find a suitable favicon for anything and everything.

If you still don’t find an exactly matching favicon for your blog, don’t keep lingering. Here’s what you’ll get- some really good free favicons websites from where you can get thousands of free favicons!

Even if you’ve already got suitable favicons through any other websites then you can directly upload it using MaxBlogPress Favicon. As simple as that!

So what are you waiting for, everything that you’d desired for, to have your blog noticed right way is just a click away! Get the MaxBlogPress favicon plug in!

Read on why it is so important to have a favicon these days…

Favicons brand your search engine search listings

Many users use firefox extension like “Google Icon” which places the websites’ favicon in Google search results. When users search for a keyword in search engines, they will notice blogs with favicons a lot quicker then those without as you can see in the screen shot below.

The favicons add catchy attention to sites who use them and they easily stand out. This brings increased traffic, more clicks and more repeat visitors.


Let your sites bookmark be found thanks to favicons

You probably know the feeling of a cluttered bookmark section in your browser. We tend to save so many sites we come across for future reference only never to look at them again.

This is no different for your readers. They bookmark your blog only to struggle to find it again if you fail to use favicons. By using a favicon it will help them to easily and quickly look up your site.


Tabbed browsing made easy with the help of favicons!

With the inventions of tabbed browsing surfing the Internet has become a lot easier in recent times. Favicons have added another level of usability to tabbed browsing by displaying the distinctive little icons in our tabs.

Now your blog visitors can easily switch between other sites without having to wonder which tabs belongs to your blog. This also helps them to save time as well as to find your blog quickly and first before any other blogs.


Get instantly recognized in browser address bar with favicons

As seen below, favicons help you as an excellent branding tool. Ideal for corporations, businesses and bloggers alike favicons present a unique way to help your site stand out.

Soon enough your readers will recognize your site by your favicon and look for it whenever they can.

Never get your blog lost amongst others in RSS readers

In the fast paced world we live in we all try to save time wherever possible. This starts by keeping up with our favourite blogs too. The best way to do this is to subscribe to them via RSS. But shifting through potentially hundreds of blog feeds every day is annoying and time consuming.

Favicons help to save time because they are listed in the feed reader to the left of the URL of each website name. It isn’t hard to spot the difference between the blogs who use favicons and those who don’t. Your subscribers will instantly recognize your feed amongst all the others thanks to your favicon. This assures that your blog will be read.


Increase visibility by commenting

Some blogs actually display favicons in their comment section by using plugins like Favatars. For bloggers who frequently comment on those blogs, this is good news since it helps them to stand out from those who don’t use favicons.

With increased visibility your blog will automatically attract more clicks.


Get found with ease in social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites help us to bookmark links for future reference. But they are also a popular stop over for web masters, publishers and bloggers to look for suitable content for their sites. They browse bookmarking site to find something suitable to use.

Many social bookmarking websites displays favicons of bookmarked websites. The favicons help you to stand out from all the listings displayed by sporting your fancy icon to the left of the website address. You can see how this impacts visitors by looking at the following image.


Favicons are essential if you want to be recognized!

As you probably realize by now, favicons are an absolute essentiality to be recognized on the Internet as well as to get more visitors to your blog. There are many more uses for favicons which we haven’t covered here for fear of running out of web space. But we figure you get the idea by now.

So go ahead and download the MaxBlogPress Favicon WordPress Plugin to present yourself to the world.

Note Before Downloading:

This plugin is released as Reviewware. That means you can download and use it for free and if you find it useful then we'll appreciate a review post for this plugin in your blog. This will help lots of other people know about the plugin and get benefited by it.

By the way, if for any reason you don't want to write a review post then it's ok as well. You can download the plugin and use it as a gift from us. No obligation. We will be much happy if you find out some other ways to spread the word for this plugin.

(This plugin requires one time free registration)

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