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Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet

"For Bloggers Who Are Struggling with Low Subscription Rates and Would Like to See their Mailing List Conversion Skyrocket!"

For any blogger who ever struggled with low subscription rates, there's a brand-new WordPress plugin proven to increase your sign-up rate by 3x times faster and easier than before.

Install it on your server and start using it immediately. Here’s WHY:

  • Because you can easily add the opt-in form anywhere in your wordpress blog, including the sidebar, footer, within the post itself and even in the comments

    It is like "hitting" your visitors multiple times with your newsletter/offer, and reminding them about it, in a friendly, non intrusive manner.

  • Because it works with AWeber, GetResponse, and all the other major autoresponders.

  • Because it will automatically fill the visitors' name/email in the opt-in form on your blog, saving them time and getting you more sign-ups!

Plus, because you’ll receive free lifetime PLUGIN updates & upgrades with your purchase...

"Double Your Blog Subscription Rate In 60 Days or Less, or Get All Your Money-Back, 100% Guaranteed!"

Introductory Special: Right Now Just $147


YES, I want to test-drive your plugin for 60 full days and install 'Subscribers Magnet' on my WordPress blog that enables me to boost my mailing list subscription rate by 300% or more!

  • I understand... this plugin will maximize my subscription rates from all the traffic I receive to my blog at the moment, and afterward.

  • I understand... I get instant access to download 'Subscribers Magnet' and if I act fast I will also receive this special bonus item: "Multiple Hit Strategy for Rapid List Building", the accompanied fast list building manual for getting the most out of your plugin.

  • I understand... I am 100% protected by your 60-days "double your email subscription rate, or your money back!" guarantee and if I am not fully thrilled and satisfied with my purchase, you will issue me a full refund, no questions asked!

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There are two kinds of bloggers – those who recognize the power of this little plugin, start taking full advantage it and boost their subscription rates like never before, and the rest.

Which one are you?

Take advantage of this offer while it's still available!

P.S. Don’t forget about our time-limited bonus item you’re getting with your purchase!

"Multiple Hit Strategy for Rapid List Building"

This is a step-by-step rapid list building manual that outlines a 17-step process for maximizing your ‘Subscribers Magnet’ plugin that will “hit” visitors from several angles without seeming intrusive… in effect you’re forcing the plugin to spin on all cylinders in order to maximize visitor subscriptions. Think of it as a full on sniper attack that doesn’t rest until the job is done. This is one of the most powerful list building strategies available and truly makes the ‘Subscribers Magnet’ sing.